Introducing the AST DuraCoat Paint System

DuraCoat Paint SystemDuraCoat, an epoxy powder coating system, sets an industry benchmark standard for its exceptional durability at the most economical price. In 2003, AST became the tank manufacturing leader by developing this superior coating for our flat panel, bolted storage tanks. After almost 20 years, that finish is still performing like new on those tanks that are still in use. Some of the following statistics support DuraCoat’s outstanding performance:

  • AST’s tightly controlled painting system monitors precise timing and temperature to ensure the best adhesion and curing of powder coating in the industry.
  • DuraCoat can be applied at a range from 3 mils to 10 mils, to tanks 12 gauge to ½”. Polyester TGIC is fuse-bonded to the exterior primer at 2-3 mils for outstanding UV protection.
  • The maximum temperature fluctuation tolerated by DuraCoat is 20 degrees higher than any of our competitors: up to 300 degrees for dry storage tanks, up to 200 degrees for submerged liquid tanks.
  • DuraCoat has the best abrasion and impact resistance of any coating in the industry.
  • DuraCoat has an excellent range of pH tolerance, from 4 to 14 at ambient temperature. All prior coatings only tolerated a pH level of 10.
  • More testing has been done and more data collected on DuraCoat than any other industry coating.

AST has always been committed to bringing you excellence by driving industry standards of quality forward. We’re excited to be able to offer this incredible technology that ensures not only a durable and lasting finish to every tank we build, but also is the best value out there, for you, our customer.


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