Waste Water Storage Tank

AST Storage’s Flat Panel design makes it an ideal solution for your waste water storage tank.

With new EPA regulations and the need for cleaner water, the requirement for waste water storage tanks are at an all-time high.

We can design your next waste water Storage tank to fit your demands. Whether it be size restriction with job site space, or capacity restraints, with the ease of our design we can meet almost any size you may require.


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AST Storage has one of the world's largest Aluminum Dome manufacturers as partner. If your tank requires an Aluminium Dome, we are able to provide an extremely economical solution and install it as well.

If your tank does not require a roof, we coat the interior top (2) two rings with an exterior coating as an extra barrier for UV protection.

Your Waste Water Storage Tank will meet all the applicable loads of your job site and American Water Work Association (AWWA).


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