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Fire Protection Storage Tanks

Fire protected storage tank

AST’s Fire Protection Storage Tanks meet the demands for increased water storage and conservation. Stringent insurance regulations, and the construction of new facilities around the globe, allows us the opportunity to provide the industry benchmark in Fire Protection Storage Tanks.

Our flat panel design allows our tanks to be erected in tight spaces, close to existing structures and inside existing buildings, utilizing lifting jacks instead of scaffolding. This type of construction procedure is also safer for the erection crews. This method ensures our EMR Rating is one of the lowest in the industry.

Our state-of-the-art powder coating line, applied in our environmentally controlled facility, offers you the most optimal coating solution on the market. Our SherCoat finish covers 100% of the panels eliminating the need for cathodic protection. An additional safeguard is shrink wrapped pallets to ensure panels arrive in pristine condition.

AST can provide the total package for your fire protection water tank needs, including:

  • 2.0” Polyisocyanurate insulation board.
    • Stucco Embossed 0.024 Aluminum Metal Jacketing
    • Standard colors: Fawn or White
    • Mil Finish: Black or Grey
    • Transition Flashing
    • 0.015 Stainless Steel Strapping
    • Panels attached by ¼” Stainless Steel Cables
    • Urethane Caulking and Rivets
  • High/ Low Level Switch
  • Temperature Switch
  • Interior Piping (Schedule 10 Stainless Steel or Schedule 80 PVC)
  • Adequate heating to maintain a minimum temperature of 42˚ F per NFPA 22

AST Storage will design your next Fire Protection Tank to meet NFPA 22 and American Water Works Association (AWWA) regulations, and if requested, Factory Mutual (FM) requirements. Give us your fire protection water storage tank specification and our experts will craft the perfect one for your needs.

Fire protection storage tank top view

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