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Industry Pioneers

We were the first to provide flat panel construction and powder-on-powder epoxy coated tanks. We were also the first to employ 1/2” steel plate in AWWA designs and to produce the self-supporting steel decks up to 60’ in diameter.

Furthermore, we developed designs for hoppers for dry storage in straight seam tanks. We also developed a way to provide truck drive-thru and large openings in skirted tanks that allow the use of building jacks and do not require scaffolding.

As first bolted tank and silo manufacturer to employ state of the art technology, AST provides a new level of flexibility in design selection.


Unique Tank Designs

When AST Storage challenged the traditional API design of the past, it made way for a new industry standard for liquid tanks and dry storage silos. Today, we continue to push the envelope as we tailor our designs for specific applications.

We refuse to be limited by the convenience of mass production, therefore, our staff of licensed, independent engineers continue to base our designs on efficiency and the needs of our customers while staying true to structural integrity, loading capacities and seismic standards.


Quantity. Quality. Efficiency.

AST Storage uses industry standard 116” x 58” coverage sidewall sheets. Some manufacturers are forced to use non-standard 108” x 58” coverage sheets. This results in 10% more pieces of steel to achieve the same capacity as standard sheets.

Other manufacturers choose to use sheet dimensions derived from agricultural coverage sheets that are 105.462” x 55” coverage. This results in 16% more pieces of steel to achieve the same capacity.

Now, if you compare an API chime tank using 58” x 96” sheets, the pieces required are 22% more.

Efficiency is realized when you have fewer pieces to fabricate, fewer to coat, fewer to load, fewer to unload, and fewer to install. AST Storage is the clear choice when maximum efficiency is desired.


Manufacturing Tanks Worldwide

Great manufacturers are more than companies with new facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and good products. They are businesses that listen to their clientele, agree to produce what the customer needs and deliver their goods and services on time.

Our experienced staff and management team is made up of expert problem solvers who are prepared to adapt to even the most challenging of customer requests. Our customers expect superior service, and we deliver. We are prepared to meet tank storage needs worldwide!

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