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Innovate Potable Water Storage Tanks

At AST Storage we pride ourselves on our ability to work with municipalities and rural water districts to provide Potable Water Storage Tanks. Our team of expert engineers, sales staff and project management personnel offers professional assistance with the design and budget.

a potable water storage tank

No matter how large or small the project, we will go above and beyond to facilitate and provide the highest quality products and service.

Our Potable Water Tanks are coated with AST Standard DuraCoat©, which means you are getting a top of the line finish that will “outshine” the competition for years to come. Our coating is NSF 61 approved for drinking water, which gives you the satisfaction and comfort knowing that your Potable Water Storage Containers are the best in the industry.


  • Akzo Nobel Interpon 100 which is NSF standard 61 approved, will be applied in accordance to AWWA D103 Section 12.6 to 5 mil DFT average.


  • Akzo Nobel Interpon 100 which is NSF standard 61 approved, will be applied in accordance to AWWA D103 Section 10.2 to 5 mil DFT average.
  • The same thermoset epoxy powder coating as applied to the sheet surfaces is applied to the exposed edges.
  • All exposed edges will be coated with primer including underside of floor.
  • Coated sheets shall be inspected for mil thickness (Mikrotest or equal).
  • An electrical leak detection test shall be performed on the inside surface after fabrication of the sheet. Sheets with excessive electrical leakers shall be rejected so as to minimize field touch up.

Ast storage flat pannel design

The flat panel design of our potable water containers affords us the ability to jack our tanks, in lieu of building with scaffolds, or the need for welding on site, which saves time-on-site and quickly puts the tank in operation. This also allows our tanks to be erected in remote locations with limited access for heavy equipment. All of our tanks are 100% coated, so the need for cathodic protection is minimal.

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