Leachate Storage Tank

Leachate Storage Tanks built to fit your needs

Flat Panel design by AST Storage, makes it an ideal solution for your Leachate storage tank.

Stricter EPA guidelines have created the need for more storage and better security so that the water we drink is not contaminated.

At AST Storage Tank, we can design your next Leachate Storage tank to fit your demands. If you have a tight job site and space is limited, we can design your tank wo whatever configuration you may require for optimal economics.

Most Leachate Storage tanks require secondary containment, our Powder Coated Epoxy panels work extremely well for this type of application.

If a roof is not required on your tank, we will coat the interior top (2) two rings with exterior coating as an extra barrier for UV protection.

AST Storage will design your next Leachate Storage Tank to meet all the applicable loads of your job site and American Water work Association (AWWA).

Leachate Storage Tank
New Leachate Storage Tank
Leachate Storage Tank Walkway

If your tank requires an Aluminum Dome, we work with one of the world’s largest Aluminum Dome manufacturers, which means we can not only provide an extremely economical solution, but install it as well.


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